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So you’re looking for an exPersona Review! Of course you know that it’s a plugin, but it’s main feature is to ask your visitors questions to get more info about them. You can also upload any gifs and voiceovers to ask questions, as well as, welcome visitors to the website. This way the content on the website will be personalized for all visitors. Another feature that exPersona comes with, is you can use any HTML code to pop up based on certain triggers you designate. Furthermore, all the data from your visitors is stored each time they visit the site.

Product: exPersona

Launch Date: May 4, 2018

Price: $27-$37

Home Page: http://thinkingbig.io/expersona-3

Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

How Can You Benefit From exPersona?

ExPersona ReviewFirst of all, it was created by Simon Greenhalgh, one of the most highly respected internet marketers. By utilizing this WordPress plugin you are giving the power to engage your visitors when you are off doing other things. You will be able to personalize your site for each individual visitor you have. When a visitor sets off certain triggers exPersona will then make the content of the site be specifically personalized for that visitor. Not to mention, this WordPress Plugin allows you to use any HTML code to be set off by the triggers you set.


The power of personalizing a website for each and every visitor is a unique way to get more engagement. By letting the plugin ask questions with your voiceover and a gif of yourself is a great way to build an audience. The interaction exPersona has with your site’s visitors will surely lead to more site engagement. As well as, you can get a ton more leads. Honestly, the sky is the limit with what the exPersona WordPress Plugin can do for your site.


The only con is that it is a WordPress Plugin so it can only be used on WordPress sites.

One Time Offers

OTO 1: ExPersona Professional

An even more advanced version of ExPersona

Price: $47

OTO 2: ExPersona Templates

Price: $17

Get professional templates to use with ExPersona

Why I Recommend exPersona

To have the ability to personalize a website for every visitor that lands on it, is very powerful. People today love it when they are engaged online. This plugin does just that, by asking questions to your visitors, welcoming them with your own voiceover, personalizing the site’s content for each person, and so much more. Furthermore, by using such a unique plugin on your WordPress site you will now stand out from the crowd. You just won’t be another site with the same boring routine. Let exPersona make your website be a truly interactive experience for every one of your visitors.

ExPersona Review


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